Doctor Who TARDIS Soap

Saturday afternoon my husband surprised me with an early anniversary gift…silicone TARDIS molds.   If this isn’t love, then I don’t know what is!


I wanted to try some more of the new colorants I bought a few weeks ago, so I decided on Psi Blue, from TKB Trading.  It’s an ultramarine blue pigment that I mixed with some of my batch oils before adding it to part of my soap batter.  I attempted to do a swirl, but forgot how quickly my coconut milk recipe sets up, so I plopped most of the blue into the rest of the pot…essentially doing a modified in the pot swirl, and hoped for the best as I smooshed the batter into the molds.  After two days, and an hour in the freezer to help with the unmolding, here is what I ended up with…


It’s amazing what a super cool mold can do to the confidence of a newbie soaper…I feel like a rockstar!


Do you have a favorite mold that helps boost your confidence?


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